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Magna Series (1D)


  • Robust, highly accurate height gauge designed for measurement operations in workshops and laboratories.
  • Best solution for measuring straightness, flatness and parallelism, inspecting axial and radial runouts depending on the configuration chosen.
  • Workshop height gauge for shop floor with 1D measurement Modes.

  • A complete measuring station, easy to install and quickly operational.
  • System can be integrated in a production line.
  • Available in two size of 400 and 700.
  • Flexible 1D Probe with multiple advantages.
  • A range of possibilities to measure, going beyond the simple 1D function, like angle measurement, squareness deviation measurement or 2D measurement.
  • Power Panel protected against penetration of liquids or dust with 1D refined keyboard.
  • A refined backlit keyboard to improve the reading comfort at low-light areas in workshops.
  • Power Panel is Hybrid with colour touch screen.
  • 2 Probing configurations i.e. axial or offset.
  • Comfortable handling.
  • Carriage locking screw.
  • Fine adjustment screw.
  • Dynamic measurements such as Max, Min, Delta, Parallelism, Flatness, etc.
  • Free SCS certificate SCS provided to avoid additional costs for re-calibration at the initial purchase.

  • Measuring scale: Magnetic
  • Application range:
    • Magna 400: 415mm
    • Magna 700: 715 mm
  • Permissible errors: Less than 8 µm
  • Repeatability:
    • On surface: less than 3 µm
    • On arc: less than 5 µm
  • Probing force: 1.5 +/- 0.5 N
  • Resolution: 0.01, 0.005 or 0.001
  • Degree of protection: Measuring system : IP 55 & PaneI P 65

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