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HITE series (1D)


  • Robust, highly accurate height gauge specially designed for workshop measurements.
  • Often useful under harsh environmental factors such temperature, projections, etc.
  • Workshop height gauge for shop floor with 1D measurement Modes.

  • 1D Workshop Height Gauge with Fine Adjustment System for shop floor.
  • Homogeneous Cast iron body to compensate temperature differential.
  • Air cushion for easy handling.
  • Manual displacements with very comfortable in handling.
  • Optical Reading System for greater accuracy without having to compromise on its long-term reliability.
  • Available in sizes 400 mm and 700 mm.
  • Long battery life (60h) to avoid too frequent recharging.
  • Quick access to the first measurement from start up (<4s) for a significant time saving.
  • QUICKCENTER DYNAMIC technology integrated to efficiently determine the culmination points.
  • Flexible data management – data can be printed, saved on USB stick. Report can be generated in *.pdf format and all this can be done automatically.
  • Possible to connect the instrument to a computer or any other peripheral unit via the TLC (TESA Link Connector) to receive the measuring results on it.
  • A quick and easy handling of all measurement data with the help of free TESA DATA-VIEWER Software then data is automatically transferred to files in known formats such as *.xls, *.csv or Q-DAS.
  • Free SCS certificate SCS provided to avoid additional costs for re-calibration at the initial purchase.

  • Measuring scale: Glass (patented)
  • Body: Cast Iron
  • Application range:
    • HITE 400: 415mm
    • HITE 700: 715 mm
  • Permissible errors: 2.5 + 4L/1000 µm
  • Repeatability:
    • On surface: less than 2 µm
    • On arc: less than 3 µm
  • Probing force: 1.5 +/- 0.5 N
  • mechanical format perpendicularity error:
    • HITE 400: 9 µm
    • HITE 700: 13 µm
  • Resolution: 0.01, 0.001 or 0.0001
  • Degree of protection: Measuring system : Panel IP 65
  • Coefficient of Linear Expansion: (12 ± 1.5) x 10-6 K-1
  • Function: Manual displacement of the measuring probe.

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