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Wireless Probes


  • Axial Wireless Probes developed for devices requiring a greater freedom of movement during the measurement.
  • Freedom of movement probes: rotation around the part to be measured.
  • Probes with No cable connection and probes with reduced maintenance costs.
  • Probes of bidirectional and wireless communication synchronized with the TWIN-STATION Receiver.

  • Support structure 8 mm with enhanced clamping over its entire length.
  • Measuring rod mounted on ball bearing.
  • Separate guide bearing on the holding body in order not to negatively influence the movement of the measuring rod in the event of improper clamping of the probe beads.
  • Degree of protection IP 54 according to IEC 60529 envelope.
  • Wide range of measurement probes.
  • Range of 8 m, depending on environment.
  • Autonomy 40 hours (rechargeable battery).
  • The interface housing is TWIN Station communicating up to 8 and synchronizes wireless probes.
  • Software interface TIS included in delivery of the interface box TWIN Station: display of measured values, opportunities to give tolerances , simple functions + A, -A , + A + B + AB , export values ​​in a . csv file.

  • Contact TMC technical team and download brochure for complete set of specifications.

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