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Clinobevel 3


  • Top Range Portable Precision Inclinometer.
  • Offers a wide range of applications (straightness, flatness controls, perpendicularity measurements).
  • Free TESA CLINOBEVEL 3 App allows one to use a smartphone as a remote display.
  • Instrument used in various industries such as hydraulic engineering, machining, etc.

  • Robust and easy to use.
  • Available in three different measuring ranges: ± 1°, ± 10° and ± 60°.
  • Measuring range upto ± 60°.
  • Best readability thanks to the color and high contrast LCD display.
  • Aluminum-body model for light and easy handling.
  • Remote measurement with a smartphone as remote display.
  • Display with 4 different background colors’ with various configurations, such as bar graph or spirit level.
  • Absolute zero setting for absolute inclination measurements.
  • Relative zero setting allows comparative inclination measurements.
  • Calibration Possibility to calibrate the instrument thanks to the built-in software support and supplied calibration pins (only available for the ±60° model).
  • HOLD function allows to position the instrument, freeze the results and read them in a second step.
  • Due to LIMIT function, alarm is displayed when the defined limits are exceeded

  • Wide range of instrument specifications available.
  • Please contact TMC technical team for further details.
  • As a standard the instrument is delivered with batteries of Type C.
  • Rechargeable batteries (accumulators) have to be recharged outside of the instrument.

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