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Standard Calipers


  • Ideal tool for workshop with the highest degree of protection ever offered IP 67.
  • Digital, Dial and Vernier type Calipers
  • Use of original shockproof technology developed by TESA.
  • Simplest Calipers to use with engraved scales & reading very fine divisions on measurements.
  • Integrated modular connection via TLC (TESA Link Connector).
  • TESA VALUELINE model designed to meet the demands of users looking for affordable products that don’t compromise on the expertise with TESA.

  • The TWIN-CAL are all equipped with the unique integral data output TLC (TESA Link Connector), providing the opportunity to upgrade at any time.
  • Resistant to the penetration of liquids and particles of metal or other materials.
  • Digital calipers battery life of over 12,000 hours & Battery life of 1.5 to 2 years.
  • Easy reading with large and high contrast screen with 11 mm digit height.
  • Absolute and Differential measurement modes.
  • Resolution 0.01 mm / 0.0005 in.
  • Resistant to all workshop conditions with highest level of protection IP67.
  • Quick and easy-to-read Dial Calipers.
  • Slider with metal or plastic dial housing.
  • The dial integrated into a robust metal housing enables a quick and clear reading.
  • The shockproof system inserted between the mobile measuring element and the mechanism of the dial pointer, this patent guarantees reliable measurements even in case of a shock to the instrument.  
  • Fitted with a locking screw with rectangular or round depth rod.

  • Contact TMC technical team and download brochure for complete set of specifications.

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