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DC Probes


  • Probes equipped with an electronic circuit that converts the signal by the probe DC voltage.
  • Miniature Probes are particularly suitable for applications where space around the part to be measured must be the lowest.
  • Typically used for direct connection of a computer unit or interface equipped with an analog input.

  • Minimizes the response time and enables ultra-fast action.
  • A DC Probe is typically connected to :
    • A voltmeter or equivalent instrument plotter.
    • An A/D converter for acquisition data by a computer with appropriate software.
    • Electronic interface.
  • The GT21 and GT22 DC DC sensors are standard versions with guiding the measuring rod on ball bearing.
  • Special versions on request.
  • Sensitivity: 2V/mm, 5V/mm, 10V/mm.
  • Output: 0V to +10 V (+10 V max).

  • Contact TMC technical team and download brochure for complete set of specifications.

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