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Tesatronic TT80 / TT90


  • High resolution display units.
  • Combined analogue / digital display.
  • Two probe inputs for single, sum and difference measurements.
  • Essential for shop floor inspection or in the measurement laboratory.

  • 9 measuring ranges with digital steps of 0.01 µm or 0.000001 in.
  • Memory for storing each extreme value “max.”, “min.”, “max. minus min.” as well as the mean of the both values “max.” and “min.”.
  • Dynamic measurement with acquisition of more than 10 single values per second.
  • Value classification with output signals through contact relay for 5, 10, 20 or 40 good classes.
  • Analogue output for external signal processing.
  • Output for bolt retraction control.
  • Selection of stabilization time for measuring cycles.
  • RS digital output for values to the micron.

  • Contact TMC technical team and download brochure for complete set of specifications.

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