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FTM Series


  • Automatic Mounting press machine for part of sample preparation setup,
  • CPU Control Full-Automatic Hydraulic System.
  • Simple, easy to install, easy to use machine wherein sample can be removed easily and safely.

  • Automatic Mounting Press machine available in two different types.
  • Space-saving desk type, lightweight compact body.
  • Number of samples in one time of Operation:
    • FTM – SL: Maximum 1 pieces.
    • FTM – EVO: Maximum 2 pieces.
  • Running time is greatly shortened by quick heating and quick cooling.
  • Fully automatic one cycle (pressurizing, heating and cooling) operation.
  • Adjustable Cooling Function for perfect condition of molding sample with Thermoplastic Resin and Thermosetting Resin.

  • External water supply at minimum Pressure of Water Supply: 2L / min. Through 2 Hoses connected to Taps on Read of Machine.
  • Separate coolant tank of 30L capacity.
  • Bench Top Type / Solid Aluminum Frame + Hard-Coated FRP Cover.
  • Bore and Mould Size of Cylinder is standard Ø 50 mm Base Cylinder.
  • Pressure Set value is kept by automatic control while a sample is being made.

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