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FTC – B255FS


  • Simple design bench top cutting machine with silent operation.
  • Automatically cutting of sensitive sample precisely.
  • Cutting Wheel of Ø 255 mm.

  • Bench-Top Type Cutting Machines.
  • Standard accessory include 2 pieces of Cutting Wheel of Ø 255 mm.
  • Flushed water system to prevent drain clogging.
  • Cutting wheel Outer Dia. : Ø 230 / 255 mm x Inner Dia : Ø 31.75 mm x T1.2mm.
  • Many kinds of sample fixing jig can be used on the stage.
  • The crystal cutting of the properties of matter study.
  • The electron microscope sample cutting of the metal structure analyzing.
  • For electronic materials, ceramics, various metal sample cutting, etc.
  • It is possible to control the revolution load of the cutter by load lever.
  • Bench-Top Type : Aluminum Casting and Cover Steel Sheeting with Hard Acrylic Window.

  • Front Door Interlock during cutting (The main shaft motor does not operate when the door is open.)
  • Maximum Available Sample size
    • In case Ø 230 mm Cutting Wheel : Max Ø 60 mm.
    • In case Ø 255 mm Cutting Wheel : Max Ø 70 mm.
  • Various kinds of Vise and Fixing Jigs attachable on Stage.
  • Cut Powder is separated using a Magnet Separator.
  • Coolant tank and floor stand available as optional accessory.

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