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FR - Analog


  • Analog Type Rockwell Hardness Tester.
  • Analog Display with Dial Gauge / Motorized Type.
  • Shop floor Rockwell hardness tester.

  • Attractive New Design.
  • Minor load at 10kgf and test load at 60kgf, 100 kgf and 150 kgf.
  • Suitable for HRA, HRB and HRC scales.
  • High Reliability with Strong Body.
  • Economic Model made much of Utility.
  • Automatic load control.

  • Test Load changing is Manual.
  • Loading speed and dwell time fixed at 2 sec.
  • Hardness conversion is by chart.
  • Specimen height can be upto 170mm and Specimen depth upto 150 mm.

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