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FV Series


  • Precise measurement of (HV) Vickers scale, (HK) Knoop, (HBS, HBW) Brinell, (Kc) Fracture Toughness.
  • One touch selection on touchpad.
  • Lab friendly and ideal solution for materials labs.
  • Evaluates material’s strength, ductility, wear resistance which determines whether material or material treatment is suitable or not.

  • FV Series Vickers Hardness Tester :
    • FV 110
    • FV 310
    • FV 810
  • Accuracy Conform to JIS B-7734 / B-7725, ASTM E-384, and ISO 6507-2.
  • Hardness’ testing and conversion conform to JIS R1607/IF Method, SAE (J-417b) & ASTM (E-140) standards.
  • Available with option for complete automation software.
  • Auto focus, auto read and auto stage facility available.
  • USB Port Output available connected directly to machine.
  • Cylindrical / spherical offset function
  • Specimen thickness calculation function.
  • Accurate light load Brinell testing function (FV-810 Series).
  • Fracture toughness (Kc) can be measured as a standard function (FV-810 Series) according to JIS R1607/IF Method.
  • Option of 4 Object Lenses enables to observe wide specimen area with upto 4 object lenses (FV-810 Series).

  • Loads range from 0.3 kgf to 50 kgf under two different test load types.
  • Loading Mechanism can be Automatic Load And Release Method
  • Initial applying load speed at 120 µm/sec which automatic changes to actual applying load of 60 µm/sec.
  • Two standard object lends of 20x and 10x. (option to add more lens)
  • Standard diamond Vickers indenter with option to have dual indenters.
  • Standard stage size of 100 x 100 with option for bigger stage size.
  • Maximum specimen size possible 210 mm (height) and 165mm (Depth)

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