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FRX - Digital


  • Digital type Rockwell hardness tester.
  • For material labs and shop floor.
  • Combined rock well hardness tester with integrated superficial scale loads.
  • Supreme precision and overwhelming reliability with no compromise.
  • By adoption of stealth type double information panel, improved remarkable visibility and operation.

  • FR-X Series Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester :
    • FR-X Series : FR-1X / FR-2X / FR-3X
    • FR-XL Series : FR-1XL / FR-2XL / FR-3XL
  • Emphasized high precision.
  • Accuracy Conforms to ASTM E18-15, JIS 8-7726
  • Sturdy body construction.
  • Stable loading axis mechanism.
  • Standard compensation function to meet each standard.
  • Shape compensation function by entering the diameter of spherical surface and cylindrical specimen.
  • Stealth type double information panel which display various information of conversion and measurement results.
  • Data judgment function – display the judgment of measurement data.
  • LED light feature helps in obtaining the supreme visibility of specimen in the dark environment and achieves the minute positioning.
  • Equipped with USB Connector to transfer data to PC.

  • Loading speed is fixed at 2 sec.
  • Mino Load positioning setting is automatic.
  • Specimen height can be upto 435mm and Specimen depth upto 165 mm
  • Hardness Conversion Capable in compliance with SAE (J -417b) & ASTM (E-140).
  • Display of max. depth of indenter.

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