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FLV Series


  • Fully Automatic Micro Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Brinell and Knoop Hardness Testing System.
  • Controlled by high performance software FT-Zero.
  • Auto-Focus, Auto-Reading and Auto-Stage.
  • Load-cell type loading mechanism by elevating head.
  • Advanced intelligent systems of high speed sample profiling function.
  • Reliable hardness test as close as human eyes and sensitivity.

  • FLV Series Load-Cell Based Multi Vickers Hardness Tester :
    • FLV-10AR / FV-10ARS-F
    • FLV-50AR / FV-50ARS-F
  • Large heavy sample and multiple samples can be set at once.
  • Accuracy for Vickers Test : Conforming to JIS B-7725, JIS B-7734, ASTM E-384 and ISO / DIN6507-2
  • High resolution camera selectable 1.3M pixel and 5M pixel (option).
  • Sample surface inclination / slope correction function.
  • Measurement image saving function.
  • Large motorized X-Y stage.
  • Various measuring patterns.
  • Function which traces edge of sample as standard feature for e.g. straight / zigzag / circle / arc / line set / random / matrix / teaching, etc. – according to user’s need.
  • Image processing software.
  • Various data output format and statistical processing.
  • Report graph chart.
  • Excel data transfer function enables test results exported to the original report form.
  • Distance and angle measurement function.
  • Image of profiling function.

  • Loads range from 0.3 kgf to 50 kgf under two different test load types.
  • Automatic Direct Loading System with Load-Cell closed-loop feedback.
  • Two standard object lends of 50x and 10x. (option to add more lens)
  • Standard diamond Vickers indenter with option to have dual indenters.
  • Tungsten steel ball indenter for Brinell and Knoop scale.
  • Standard automatic stage size of 180 x 110 with joystick controller
  • Maximum specimen size possible 110 mm (height) and 180mm (Depth).

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