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LC Series


  • A unified Rockwell and Brinell hardness tester.
  • All Rockwell Scales, Regular & Superficial, and Light Load Brinell Test with just touch of a finger.
  • Detection and output of (Max. Indentation Depth).
  • Versatile functions, Peerless Advanced Technology, Mainstream of Rockwell Method.

  • Direct Loading Method with Load-Cell Feedback instead of Weights System and Direct Linear Displacement Measurement.
  • Ultimate in Flexibility conforming to various requirements by ISO, JIS, ASTM, etc.
  • Entire Test Cycle performed fully automatically.
  • One Touch Selection for (Plastic Test Mode) conforming to JIS and ASTM Standard.
  • Various Data Correction available for convex cylindrical surface (ASTM) / HRC on Convex Round Surface (JIS).
  • Statistical function like Max, Min, Mean, Range, Standard Deviation, Histogram Display.
  • 2000 Data Memory Capacity.
  • Various Data Editing & Statistical Function.
  • One Touch Selection of Test Load in Kgf or SI Unit available.
  • Self Diagnosis Function.

  • Machine conforms to ISO 6506-2 / ISO 6508-2 / ASTM E 18 / ASTM E 10 / ASTM E 140 / ASTM D 785 / JIS B 7726 / JIS K 7202 / JIS Z 2245 standards.
  • Maximum Travel of Load Shaft 8 mm.
  • Hardness Conversion & Display in compliance with ASTM E 140.
  • Flexible Special Rockwell Load Setting Available by Setting Minor Load / Test Load Combination between 29.42 N (3 Kgf) and 1961 N (200 Kgf).
  • Detection and Output of Max. Indentation Depth.

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