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The roots of our company - the Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH - go back to 1947 when Dr. Heinrich Schneider started production of high-quality ophthalmic lenses under his own DS brand – a clear focus has always been important to us. The pioneering turning point came in 1973: We are the world’s first company to equip optical equipment with electronics. A generation of optical and optoelectronic measuring instruments is created that conquer the market under the names profile projectors and multisensor measuring instruments. Through continual improvements in the optics and electronics, these instruments gradually evolve into the 2D and 3D coordinate measuring machines generally known on the market today.

After decades of intensive research & development work, our know-how in the field of non-contact production metrology is second to none. From the very beginning, we have always applied our experience and innovativeness to the direct benefit of our customers. As a result, we have constantly optimised our product and service portfolio and adapted it to meet the growing demands – at a high level of technology and on the basis of above-average quality standards. All that has made us a leading provider of high-precision optical and multi-sensor measurement technology.

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